SEO is all of the work done for search engines to find your site easier and faster. It is the most prestigious and profitable marketing strategy of internet advertising. A correct SEO strategy always increases the quality and value of your website. Websites are a huge advertising platform nowadays. With a good website, you can reach thousands or even millions of people without paying for advertising. On this occasion, you can increase your income and expand your promotion.

With professional analysis, design and coding, we bring your site to the top of all search engines, especially google, and deliver it to your target audience.

SEO optimization
SEO-Search Engine Optimization Steps
01 - Site Analysis and Goals.

At this stage, what the customer targets is determined. If there is a site analysis is done. deficiencies and points that need to be updated are determined.

02 - Competition and Market Analysis

At this stage, competition analysis and sector analysis are made and necessary data are collected.

03 - Strategy Development

A marketing strategy is developed by considering the data collected, the analyzes made and the targeted points.

04 - In-Site SEO and Content Production

At this stage, site design and coding technical issues are applied. The content is filled.

05 - Off Site SEO

Search Engines and directory records, backlink study, Social media management is the stage.

06 - Reporting and Updating

At this stage, regular reporting and updates are made when necessary. Feedbacks are examined and new strategies are developed if necessary.