We Can Divide Websites Into 2 According To Their Software.

1 - Static Website:

are only sites written in HTML and style coding that do not contain any software. These are label and style codes, not the software language. They do not add any functionality. It is for display purposes only.

2- Dynamic Website:

These are websites prepared using a software language.

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Dynamic and Static Web Site Differences

- While updating dynamic websites is very easy, updating static websites is a tiring process.

- While adding content to dynamic websites is very simple, when we add content to static websites, it may be necessary to write the entire structure of the site.

- While it can do unlimited logic with dynamic websites, small transactions are made with static websites.

- It is loved by search engines with its dynamic websites and you can come up to the top.

- There can be no user interaction on static websites (comments, articles, likes, shopping etc.).

- You can manage your own site with a dynamic website, but you need a static web master. For this reason, the cost of static websites can increase in the long run.

For these reasons, we do not recommend the static website.

Since we do not use ready-made software that is limited in our projects, we can add any ideas and logic that may come to mind to our software by adding the ideas of our software specialist. Therefore, we can reflect every logic requested by the customer to the site in our web projects. Our project, which we have done before, with a wide range of software, such as ustalonga.com, is the best example.

We use MySQL database technology along with PHP software language in our projects.