Web Design

The importance of technologies is increasing day by day in the changing world. Now people provide all their needs from the internet. To give short examples, we can shop from around the world, research any place, hotel, receive training, read news and communicate. When we think of all this, Websites ensure that the world has an idea about your business, image and quality.

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Things to consider in website design

It should be a smooth and error-free coding.

It should not have a complex structure. Visitors immediately leave websites that are complicated and where they are unknown.

Instead of presenting everything on a page, the visitor should be plain and guided so that it does not tire or overwhelm. It should have a hierarchical link structure.

Websites should be tirelessly colored and focus the visitor where it should focus.

Background images or color should not be obstructed by blocking focus.

It is necessary to make adjustments to the pictures, to adjust the size so as not to disturb the visitor and to increase the size of the site.

Structures such as Flash, Frame, Popup should not be used.

We must produce designs that work in harmony with all browsers (iexplorer, crome, firefox, opera, yandex….).

Responsive Design: Due to the increased use of tablets and smart phones, your website must have a mobile-compatible design.

As Gaziantep Web Solutions, we are at your service with original and creative designs in this field with our experienced team. Our work is done in line with common ideas with you.